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What phone do you have?    10/20/17  (71)
Ryan Klesko    10/19/17  (69)
Board race realists: explain Italian IQ    10/20/17  (52)
Do libs ever step back and think at how they called GWB a monster and horrible    10/19/17  (50)
Should I fuck up my employers data before I quit (Ted Cruz tp)    10/19/17  (49)
Currently watching "My 600 lb Life" - how the fuck do people get this large?    10/19/17  (39)
UC Santa Cruz Republican meeting ends in arrests; story reads like a parody:    10/20/17  (39)
Does your wife masturbate?    10/19/17  (35)
Chiefs vs Raiders    10/19/17  (30)
ITT: we replace one word in the name of a band with 'nigger'    10/20/17  (26)
Withdrawing from MPM2017 (evan39)    10/20/17  (25)
Watched "Sorcerer" last night- holy shit    10/19/17  (24)
Can I get Bar Mitzvahed if I didn't when younger?    10/19/17  (24)
Photo of a highschool class in the Russian far east:    10/19/17  (23)
strangely attracted to Indian woman at work    10/19/17  (23)
"Idris Elba talking in jive" is the worst meme this board has    10/19/17  (22)
got my series 7; taking ?s    10/19/17  (21)
If you had to guess, what do you think Tyler Perry's net worth is?    10/19/17  (20)
I don't really enjoy sex. Got married anyway. It ruined my life.    10/19/17  (20)
Taking questions for 20 mins    10/20/17  (19)
Man visits dead wife's body at morgue, finds male nurse having sex with it    10/20/17  (18)
do you ever fart into the cuff of your hands and smell it    10/20/17  (18)
tedcruz, some tips from a fellow underachiever    10/19/17  (17)
Email formalities. When to call person by first name    10/19/17  (17)
Dodgers vs Cubs    10/19/17  (15)
I'm just on here to bully middle-aged white collar professionals.    10/20/17  (13)
One of my lib "friends" keep calling me dad    10/20/17  (13)
Aioli, chutney, coulis, sriracha, chipotle niggerbutter, all flame condiments.    10/19/17  (13)
i regret quitting my lower-paying job for my CURRENT job.    10/19/17  (12)
What's the most INSANE thing you do?    10/19/17  (12)
Ted Cruz tp should be banned    10/19/17  (12)
Do any teens still say "that's gay" for something that's lame?    10/19/17  (12)
Had a job interview...annoying shrew co-candidate had weird psycho mannerisms:    10/19/17  (11)
For female lawyers, shouldn't it be called the "bat exam"?    10/20/17  (11)
Libs: "Well at least Harvey Weinstein's not a racist like Trump!"    10/20/17  (10)
for $250k/yr would you do viewer-requested sex acts with wife on chaturbate?    10/19/17  (10)
Can anyone recommend some tobacco to make own cigs    10/19/17  (10)
Thunder may win NBA Championship this season    10/19/17  (10)
*d-day GIs see 2017 libs* *US & German troops having beers by 10am    10/19/17  (10)
what's your drive before fly radius?    10/19/17  (10)
Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages For Immigrants    10/19/17  (10)
good resources for quick & dirty front-end design?    10/20/17  (9)
Boss is on my ass about this 30(b)(6) depo tomorrow. Better not blaze up tonight    10/19/17  (9)
"Mexicans are high IQ and hard workers" *can't put a fucking schedule in a binde    10/19/17  (9)
lol kid was demanding i eat wife's pot roast like the judges on masterchef    10/19/17  (9)
MGMT - Little Dark Age    10/20/17  (8)
Restaurant idea: just buy fast food and serve it on dinner plates    10/20/17  (8)
Why does "All American" Paul Ryan look like some kind of Transylvanian Gypsy?    10/19/17  (8)
is uspo marathi, punjabi, or gujarati?    10/20/17  (8)