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can somebody give a non-biased view of the significance of today for Trump?    08/21/18  (122)
Can we have a non-unhinged discussion re Cohens plea & trump    08/21/18  (110)
Your Porn Name: Color of your undies + last thing you ate.    08/21/18  (97)
Manafort jury deadlocked    08/21/18  (88)
LMAO Mollie Tibbetts hated white people and was killed by an Aztec    08/21/18  (72)
New 180 pic of my sWEET MUSTANG. Earl, show me your 40K exploding BMW, faggot    08/21/18  (70)
The Mueller "investigation" has cost 17 million dollars so far    08/22/18  (70)
"Disgraced and discredited Bob Mueller and his whole group of THUGS"    08/21/18  (70)
Michael Cohen just plead guilty to illegal use of campaign funds    08/21/18  (65)
There's a Gulfstream IV trying to make an emergency landing right now    08/21/18  (64)
Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts' death is an illegal immigrant    08/22/18  (61)
Michael Cohen about to bring down the presidency    08/21/18  (50)
ITT, list a bucket list place you want to visit    08/21/18  (49)
Self-ordering kiosk at McDonald's is 180. All cashier jobs are toast within 5 ye    08/21/18  (49)
Teacher fired for grinding on 15 year old student in class (video)    08/21/18  (43)
I work at megacorp. My boss is GROSSLY INCOMPETENT.    08/21/18  (43)
Lawman8 don't click this    08/21/18  (42)
So like, has the entire United States west of Denver burned down or something?    08/21/18  (42)
Anyone ordered Ben Shapiro's new supplements yet? Looking for reviews.    08/21/18  (41)
Why not just make 200k, retire after 8 years, live EXACTLY like you make 40k    08/21/18  (38)
Former LSAT instructors, rate how difficult this problem would be for students    08/21/18  (37)
Reminder: The only good evidence for a Stable of Alts we ever had, Lawman denied    08/21/18  (36)
FSU Sorositute video makes me want to killself    08/21/18  (36)
NYT Reporter Threatening Voicemail: The Pen is Not Mightier Than the AK-47'    08/21/18  (36)
Remember when lawman8 paid to have a poaster killed?    08/21/18  (34)
Ask cowgod anything    08/21/18  (34)
Prole Tell: Hiring A US/UK Travel Agent For Third World Travel    08/21/18  (33)
Need an IPA liker to explain the appeal    08/21/18  (33)
Transactional biglawyers are basically glorified business advisors    08/21/18  (31)
HI GUYS - I came here for the Trumpmo tears today    08/21/18  (30)
Pop Quiz: What are the Ten Busiest Air Routes by passenger count?    08/21/18  (30)
Watch Justin Trudeau SHUT DOWN hateful, RACIST question asker w/ FACTS & LOGIC    08/21/18  (29)
chill vaguely homoerotic lowercase moniker bros get itt    08/21/18  (29)
Dumb how the media is spinning Cohen plea as anything but a huge win for Trump    08/21/18  (27)
reminder: your deeply held political views make 0 impact in the real world    08/22/18  (27)
Looking for king mattress and want to spend $2000 max    08/21/18  (26)
Trump finds time to deport 95 y/o 'nazi camp guard', while 23m browns remain    08/21/18  (26)
Lol @ all the XO shitlibs simultaneously switching back to their sudos    08/21/18  (25)
(((God)))    08/21/18  (25)
Cars I can't stand: Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger/Challenger, Chevy Camaro    08/21/18  (23)
Teens love older guys with drugs    08/21/18  (23)
T&E Bros: Parents Want To Rewrite Wills To Exclude Brother's Ortho Wife    08/21/18  (23)
What is the basis for Cohen claiming it was to "influence election"    08/21/18  (22)
spent the weeknd having drug fueled sex with my tranny gf (bpd tp)    08/21/18  (22)
Friend purposely grew black mold in apartment. Ran humidifier 24/7 then sued    08/21/18  (21)
Ranking of bottled water in order of prestige    08/21/18  (21)
Tomorrow is the happiest day of the year for me. I'm a single dad and school is    08/21/18  (21)
Neal Katayal, what's your moniker?    08/21/18  (20)