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POLL: WHEN did you become a REPUBLICAN?    08/19/17  (83)
Starting Cornell Law at sticker.. is this respectable?    08/19/17  (39)
LA Times: For Jewish Americans, echoes of the Holocaust and anger over Trump's r    08/19/17  (30)
American wages for young college graduates is SPS    08/19/17  (14)
With Bannon gone, what does that mean for XO Stephen Miller?    08/18/17  (13)
Venezuela is waking up - they are fighting against the Jews    08/19/17  (9)
Jesus fucking Christ have your prescription ready fuck heads.    08/18/17  (9)
Every TV commercial = fat white cuck male being humiliated by his wife    08/19/17  (5)
"Seek medical help for an erection lasting 4 hours" = hand job from nurse?    08/19/17  (5)
The Jews are taking over the White House    08/18/17  (5)
found perfect fed job    08/18/17  (3)
Is it hard (or even possible) to fly out of Denver with marijuana? Tips?    08/18/17  (3)
FORWARD: What HuffPo Mean With 'Goy Bye' Headline On Bannon    08/19/17  (2)
Why were the Romans much more advanced that the Germans\Aryans\Celts    08/19/17  (2)
ur future wife "oops texting" ur future father in law    08/19/17  (1)
Let It Happen playing as libs turn into Thriller zombies during solar eclipse    08/18/17  (1)
"Peterman, I'm worried you're not really COMMITTED to truck stop prostitution."    08/18/17  (1)
goy bye    08/18/17  (1)