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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
ITT: counties that Obama turned blue permanently    06/23/18  (6)
Lol at stupid fucking idiot Trumpmos    06/23/18  (2)
I cannot believe I let my wife talk me into going to Darnell's World    06/23/18  (1)
*uspo chugging a mug of espresso and blank bumping 8 of your one post threads*    06/23/18  (9)
Im always either 1) high 2) hungover or 3) irritated Im sober    06/23/18  (1)
If you bought ETH one year ago you're basically right back where you started.    06/23/18  (10)
CharlesXII, have you read Graham Greene or William Trevor?    06/23/18  (24)
4DX is 180! Go see Incredibles ASAP    06/23/18  (1)
anyone read ted chiang's short stories    06/23/18  (1)
why are so many women obsessed with HGTV    06/23/18  (15)
Would a Male Press Secretary Have Been Kicked Out of the Restaurant? (Salon)    06/23/18  (5)
itd be fun to get a beer with DrakeMallard    06/23/18  (1)
NYT goes full white supremacist, NOT FLAME    06/23/18  (108)
How much would it cost to build, power, and cool a high-end video processing PC?    06/23/18  (3)
anyone else have a swimming desk? saw one on sale for $1499    06/23/18  (1)
do firms find out you were shitcanned? can you just say you "left"    06/23/18  (10)
sharklasers selling his virginity at a Vickery style auction during Comic-Con    06/23/18  (9)
ACP telling me sex stories about big titted slores while we grill burgers    06/23/18  (2)
Gf (med student) mentioned all the dicks in her textbooks are bigger than mine    06/23/18  (16)
This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Had Realistic Proportions    06/23/18  (10)
Looking for a girl, I ran into a guy/ His name was MPA, I said howdy, he said hi    06/23/18  (8)
sharklasers is in my bedroom but i won't make a move b/c i respect my gf    06/23/18  (5)
Women with huge tits can get away with murder    06/23/18  (15)
Is America one of the worst if not the worst place in earth?    06/23/18  (9)
Reminder: there are *two* gay pride months. June AND October (links)    06/23/18  (8)
Stuck at the apple "genius" bar because my gf's phone stopped working    06/23/18  (39)
Body cam catches officer shooting dog and injuring little girl    06/23/18  (6)
Chinese make the best cell phones in the world now    06/23/18  (26)
luis in a linen shirt    06/23/18  (10)
Just tried listening to Ezra Klein's podcast. He really sucks and hard to listen    06/23/18  (7)
I'm getting too old for youtube    06/23/18  (9)
The same fucking fraud prosecutor has tried this guy 6 time dismissed misconduct    06/23/18  (4)
My [33/f] husband [30/m] admitted getting casual blowjobs from guys (DTP)    06/23/18  (8)
luis' chiropractor "correcting" his spine back as he blurts out: 'im poor now'    06/23/18  (15)
Numb to Outrage, Republican Voters Feel a Deepening Bond to Trump [NYT]    06/23/18  (38)
Yale SPH. Is it worth it?    06/23/18  (1)
benzo doing push-ups in cell: "die tsinah 67... die tsinah 68... die tsinah 69..    06/23/18  (2)
me luis and boner police eating pizza and playing smash bros in my moms basement    06/23/18  (6)
real estate hehe. back pain hehe. im old btw (luis 2018)    06/23/18  (19)
Thoughts on the Curtis Flowers case? I think hes innocent TBH    06/23/18  (6)
rate these white american co-eds    06/23/18  (5)
owning an old mac was expensive as shit    06/23/18  (6)
move to japan and lie in bed listening to vaporwave for next 200 yrs cr?    06/23/18  (6)
The robot narrated YouTube videos are a new GC phenomenon    06/23/18  (1)
XO poasters get mad about nothing    06/23/18  (1)
Why would someone marry a 30+ year old white woman?    06/23/18  (11)
this babies at the border issue is dangerous for libs too    06/23/18  (20)
fuck, die tsinah is already taken. *tries dietsinah69*    06/23/18  (10)
DC area restaurant owner kicks out Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family    06/23/18  (131)
dietsinah69@jasonmraz.com is the funniest fucking thing ive ever read    06/23/18  (42)
mr. jinx is posting with a fury today. Watch out!    06/23/18  (3)
mr. jinx showing up at random family Thanksgiving dinners.    06/23/18  (10)
Hawking didn't have ALS, he had fucking POLIO    06/23/18  (5)
RATE these pictures of the GOT girls. LJL White Women Edition.    06/23/18  (30)
Extended Trailer of the GOAT POTUS GEOTUS movie ever    06/23/18  (1)
***NATIONALISM INTENSIFIES***    06/23/18  (4)
Thinking of finally telling mr. jinx what I think about him.    06/23/18  (5)
CA Firefighter Union is behind the California wildfire$ (link)    06/23/18  (1)
Mr. Jinx using drones to show people tranny porn; film reactions    06/23/18  (9)
mr. jinx sending nudes to what he thought is a ladyboy.    06/23/18  (3)
ok who the fuck bought Mr. Jinx a webcam?    06/23/18  (3)
My Mother the Car    06/23/18  (1)
haven't played an RTS since Dune II    06/23/18  (1)
A nigger literally raped my ass with a rusty crowbar    06/23/18  (7)
lol where has this trump been since the election. i've got HOPE again bros #MAGA    06/23/18  (1)
Trumpy, you can make things great again!    06/23/18  (1)
The List. (WMTP)    06/23/18  (121)
/*\ U.K. police hunt FB posters of "offensive" comments about muslim rapists /*\    06/23/18  (21)
tame impala - new person, same old mistakes.mp3    06/23/18  (6)
would you rather be constipated for 10 days or have diarrhea for 10 days?    06/23/18  (5)
Houthis kill a score more Saudis    06/23/18  (1)
libs literally out of control &cons remain milchtoast not fighting fire w/ fire?    06/23/18  (1)
Realizing that 95 percent of XO looks like Stephen Miller, XO makes more sense    06/23/18  (21)
anyone wanna rate my wife's body?    06/23/18  (48)
Satoshi Nakamoto (2008-2018)    06/23/18  (1)
Russian fleet crosses Lamansh    06/23/18  (1)
what cities have suburbs with big cheap land?    06/23/18  (7)
GC "correcting" luis back to 40 more years of wageslavery    06/23/18  (71)
I miss freddie    06/23/18  (37)
*TRUMP gaping jjc's mewling quiverin butthold* jjc: "but i rinkedin from there!"    06/23/18  (11)
pls mistah, prease... RinkedIn...    06/23/18  (3)
Taking questions about PUMPING JELQING and STRETCHING my massive fuckstick    06/23/18  (3)
I rike a business card, I rike a job apprication, I rike a RinkedIn    06/23/18  (15)
RealBBer taking a hiatus from IFNB blog (link)    06/23/18  (16)
Lol Red Hen owners getting brutally doxxed    06/23/18  (7)
BREAKING: authorities recover remix of Baba Yetu from Aviciis laptop    06/23/18  (2)
*walks thru biglaw office* *montage of young attys at desks w/ head in hands*    06/23/18  (3)
Reminder: the Republican Party is still on the verge of total collapse nationall    06/23/18  (67)
echosign vs docusign vs hellosign    06/23/18  (4)
Unemployment IS too low. What's with all these smartass delivery and repair ppl?    06/23/18  (12)
Stick it to the man    06/23/18  (2)
Be more professional.    06/23/18  (3)
Cynthia Nixon: "I would deport Trump supporters from New York State    06/23/18  (3)
My 25yo ex asked me if i would date 18-21yos. She got MAD at my response.    06/23/18  (64)
EVIL BIRDSHITS try to MAKE DET glorious POTUS of ZIMBABWE---> fail!!    06/23/18  (1)
If you were waiting for the right time, it's now    06/23/18  (2)
help me convince my attorneys to switch to electronic signatures    06/23/18  (5)
TLS paper work vs. XO DOCU SIGN    06/23/18  (1)
DocuSign is literally the worst thing to happen to legal counsel    06/23/18  (2)
Bulimia recovery. World traveler. Pageant guru. Can you keep up?    06/23/18  (4)
I was outed. That doesn't mean I will retire, or go cry like a pussy (WMTP)    06/23/18  (28)
that maid fucking story was 180. i liked it because she's all    06/23/18  (2)
Just woke up drinking JUICE on a nigga TRAIN LJL FUCKKK TRUMP    06/23/18  (7)
ljl MOROCCO will have a BULLETTRAIN before USA    06/23/18  (8)
whokebe is a Moroccan Jew, watchmen a Muslim Paki    06/23/18  (1)
Pic of Red Hen owners    06/23/18  (4)
ITT: we list posters XO lost this year    06/23/18  (41)
The Mannshaft delivered a strong performance tonight.    06/23/18  (1)
What watchmen might look like (pics)    06/23/18  (5)
!!! OFFICIAL XO Germany - TLS Sweden world cup thread (v2.0) !!!    06/23/18  (98)
Bear thwacks his nuts with a wire and acts just like you'd expect    06/23/18  (4)
I want a house that has legs and can walk around the forest, Baba Yaga like    06/23/18  (6)
In Moldova nice CHRISTIAN man squeezed FRESH milk from COW for me MILK MILK MILK    06/23/18  (24)
Half of CLS students are paying sticker = $335K all in    06/23/18  (71)
seems the majority of people on here are one or two bad days away from suicide    06/23/18  (6)
if u were like robinson crusoe and had to make yr own chair how bad would it be?    06/23/18  (18)
Lol at America and the way its being ran! Ljl at juries layman deciding shit    06/23/18  (2)
Glad low IQ libs are being driven to hysterics by fake news    06/23/18  (1)
Thoughts on banks doing their shit out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota    06/23/18  (5)
Rate this online dating robbery set up    06/23/18  (2)
How to get more prestige at 30?    06/23/18  (1)
Anyone here have the chase sapphire preferred with $100,000 credit line?    06/23/18  (7)
Per capita, which U.S. city has the most beautiful-looking people?    06/23/18  (40)
deporting people is not enough. we have to punish Mexico and Mexicans    06/23/18  (2)
It should be illegal for me to just vape all this pure weed oil    06/23/18  (5)
DEPORT ALL FANS OF MEXICO    06/23/18  (10)
can't wait until scholarship cums back    06/23/18  (1)
evan39 thoughts on the frauds? And howre you doing overall?    06/23/18  (1)
Holy shit, did GRUBHUB buy out every single FOOD delivery site?    06/23/18  (16)
LJL at TPD low T nyuug South Korea getting NOWAGd out of the World Cup    06/23/18  (14)
SEND | THEM | BACK    06/23/18  (2)
::jimmy lennon jr:: Golden Goy Promotions Presents, in his Gubernatorial Debut,    06/23/18  (2)
Teacher busted for have sex with 15 year old girl student (HUGE twist(    06/23/18  (22)
Yale MPH. Is it worth it?    06/23/18  (31)
How do you know if you lack self awareness?    06/23/18  (2)
Do you undiapered fliers respect the 'fasten seatbelt sign'?    06/23/18  (4)
Fucking arab talking on speaker phone in a quiet lobby    06/23/18  (5)
180 SOCCER GAME    06/23/18  (3)
Some people have pet skunks, apparently    06/23/18  (7)
xo was at its smartest and best when it made the whoosh thread. golden days    06/23/18  (2)
The Big Lebowski is a great lib movie - makes u feel smart to like it and quote    06/23/18  (5)
TT did you have any juice today    06/23/18  (5)
WTF is this pride shit    06/23/18  (4)
BIZ IDEA: Time machine back to 1950    06/23/18  (2)
So libs are nihilists who don't believe countries have borders now?    06/23/18  (7)
Just came out to my parents. Taking questions.    06/23/18  (14)

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