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whats the moast money a ninth year biglawyer made this year?    10/19/17  (1)
Just crushed presentation    10/19/17  (1)
biglaw is killing me    10/19/17  (7)
I think I've resigned myself to being poor - only way to live life    10/19/17  (16)
Khzir Khan on CNN: We want to be out of this controversy    10/19/17  (94)
LEAR-NED PCmos get ITT and INSPECT this RIG- need advice    10/19/17  (2)
snapped a pic of bpm in central park    10/19/17  (6)
ITT you write a max 50 word bio about your bort persona    10/19/17  (6)
Gen. Kelly comments to the press re: fallen servicemen    10/19/17  (44)
Marriedmos: who initiates sex more? You or your spouse?    10/19/17  (49)
Working in biglaw is like being married to a beautiful woman.    10/19/17  (7)
I've decided to go back to low paying jerb with 0 stress and 40 hour work week    10/19/17  (1)
two HAWT af moments of Claire from Modern Family    10/19/17  (21)
For each crypto thread on the main board I will poast 10 trucker threads on thei    10/19/17  (27)
Shrew boss just send me a scathing email (Ted Cruz tp)    10/19/17  (27)
Just want to find a woman like blonde mom in Modern Family. Unngh!    10/19/17  (2)
Anyone actually seen a naked woman irl? Fucking disgusting    10/19/17  (32)
I'd like to see him walk around the gym all "gangsta" now    10/19/17  (10)
The worst thing about biglaw is that is made me super bitter    10/19/17  (5)
What Kind Of Low T "Male" Worries About "Mega Poaster Madness"?    10/19/17  (32)
If libs had any honor they would've organized a mass suicide by now    10/19/17  (1)
LOL at anyone getting the Pixel XL 2.    10/19/17  (7)
GF throwing dishes around. Told her we are limiting meetups with Bull to 2 times    10/19/17  (9)
funny how only NOAA is around when hurricanes form "all by themselves    10/19/17  (3)
So Obama was not only the dumbest POTUS, also the most corrupt?    10/19/17  (7)
I ate out a fat girl with a smelly pussy in college    10/19/17  (41)
POWERINTROVERT forcing SISSYEXTROVERT to introduce self to others    10/19/17  (4)
What is IQ disparity between you and gf/wife?    10/19/17  (130)
Eminem, who knew he felt so deeply    10/19/17  (3)
Why are there more racist acts against blacks than Asians?    10/19/17  (6)
wapo: appalling datelab highlights the misery of capital city romance    10/19/17  (73)
JFC at the Nintendo Switch game lineup for the next year (link)    10/19/17  (6)
Just played around with pixel 2    10/19/17  (1)
lol the fat thing is getting so fucking weird    10/19/17  (1)
This is literally one of the hottest guys I've ever seen    10/19/17  (28)
New Halloween reboot begins with TCTP accidentally releasing Michael Myers    10/19/17  (2)
Obama blocked FBI informant from telling Congress about Russia/Clinton deal (lin    10/19/17  (8)
I am surprised I didn't legit kill myself in biglaw    10/19/17  (25)
Trump, Russia, possible collusion    10/19/17  (1)
***MPM2017 ANNOUNCEMENT - RULE AND FORMAT CHANGES***    10/19/17  (74)
Ted Cruz TP I will quit job tmrw or monday    10/19/17  (5)
Remember when Ted Cruz TP had his delusions of biglaw grandeur?    10/19/17  (2)
Service partners should have to wear vests like other service animals    10/19/17  (4)
How Campus Racism Could Affect Black Students' College Enrollment - The Atlantic    10/19/17  (7)
Holy shit I lost 8 grand in 5 hours playing poker    10/19/17  (9)
Seems like masturbation used to be a shameful thing to admit    10/19/17  (8)
when you go to eat a girl out and it smells like stale piss    10/19/17  (13)
REISE A REISE A SEAMAN RISEE!    10/19/17  (3)
Going to a black TTTie tonight, such a goddamn hassle    10/19/17  (11)
ITT: Julia as a child (calvin and hobbes strip)    10/19/17  (11)
barbaric swarthy minorities lauding physical violence against whites    10/19/17  (1)
Antifa fag gets WRECKED by former U.S. Marine (video)    10/19/17  (15)
very odd that MSM has no interest in looking into Russia/Clinton/Obama scandal.    10/19/17  (2)
how to use biglawyer status to get girls    10/19/17  (82)
Giving away hypos briefly    10/19/17  (59)
Couldn't sleep last night, was up thinking about how powerful the XBOX One X is    10/19/17  (14)
Crypt Keeper: "Welcome aboard United passengers, I'm ur FRIGHT attendant!"    10/19/17  (96)
do lots of str8 bros go to gay bathhouses just for the baths?    10/19/17  (1)
threw shew-wife in a cage today after she tried to get me to move xbox to mancav    10/19/17  (2)
So I cancelled my preorder of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition    10/19/17  (2)
WOMEN DESTROY NATIONS    10/19/17  (24)
150 IQ but acne scarred, bald, unibrow, teeth crooked from grinding    10/19/17  (3)
Eat tuna straight out of the can. Girls will think you eat a lot of pussy.    10/19/17  (12)
PSA: don't EVER believe stars who say they "rejected" Weinstein's advances (DTP)    10/19/17  (13)
Bros, what do you think of my OMEGA MALE strategy for mating?    10/19/17  (48)
"better to rein in heaven than service hell," julia sagely observed    10/19/17  (2)
Guys, you need to stop using the term "pozzed"    10/19/17  (4)
Average pay for software engineer at top companies - 250-300k    10/19/17  (28)
Doobs screeching at random men @ busy mall    10/19/17  (2)
Only thing truly 180 about NYC is the women and dating scene    10/19/17  (4)
Odd how trannies don't stop identifying with PENETRATING WOMEN    10/19/17  (5)
rate my current favorite porn star    10/19/17  (10)
150 IQ but permanent Downs face    10/19/17  (3)
BABY WANTS TO FUCK    10/19/17  (8)
Ted Cruz tp putting credit card collections letters in client binders    10/19/17  (1)
American white women are abominations b/c they destroyed femininity itself (DTP)    10/19/17  (12)
"Putting an SF client schedule in the XX binder: A defense from an error theoris    10/19/17  (2)
Fact: It is better to be an APEX INCEL than a bottom-dwelling normie (DTP)    10/19/17  (6)
Firm about to have a bloodbath in layoffs    10/19/17  (1)
Better chance of winning: Cubs or trump?    10/19/17  (12)
BIGLAW golden retriever being groomed for partner    10/19/17  (3)
Obama/Clinton/FBI Russian Uranium coverup gaining traction (link)    10/19/17  (5)
Mass Effect 4 was not super well received, what is the cr RPG    10/19/17  (73)
my PhD thesis: "How Hitler's Eczema/Jock Itch Led to the Holocaust"    10/19/17  (4)
Comprehensive list of likely Watchmen (WMTP) alt accounts    10/19/17  (42)
Senate Dems Fail To Save State/Local Deductions    10/19/17  (7)
RATE this txt from girl who is flying from Sydney to HKG to see me    10/19/17  (75)
Health nut takes axe to grocery store soda aisle. Lulzy video (link)    10/19/17  (3)
DVP loved to play "airplane" with his baby niece - but it was a United flight    10/19/17  (5)
Trump rolls over AGAIN for the cucks, opposes Bannon's primary efforts    10/19/17  (1)
   10/19/17  (1)
boltzman brain plus multiverse and QM means the moment we die in one universe    10/19/17  (35)
would love to read a depraved spritezero sex story right now (jcm)    10/19/17  (18)
When did WCW start declining? Starrcade 97?    10/19/17  (6)
If it wasn't for leftist PC culture of academia,BLACKS would be SEPARATE SPECIES    10/19/17  (1)
Great interviewer. Terrible associate. ENTP.    10/19/17  (11)
non binary, polyamorous, pansexual, kink friendly, vegan, relationship anarchist    10/19/17  (2)
"I love my Addy O's!" The XO poaster screamed, blue & orange milk foaming @mouth    10/19/17  (6)
I have never been tricked by a woman. I have to LOL at Ragnus (DTP)    10/19/17  (39)
Anyone feel that every day is Christmas morning thanks to TRUMP?    10/19/17  (3)
Legendary Italian director Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox; Eaten Alive!) has died    10/19/17  (2)
Libs: we NEED to have a conversation about race. You: ok how abo- Libs: STFU!!    10/19/17  (13)
luis did i tell u about my trip to panda express    10/19/17  (26)
Minimum cap rate for good intro to slumlording?    10/19/17  (1)
rate my current favorite pop star    10/19/17  (9)
Askav, you need to step aside with your ultimatum type posts about MPM.    10/19/17  (23)
black lives ______    10/19/17  (2)
Women: "Wah, pay my bills! Suck my COCK!"    10/19/17  (5)
only feel hungry at night. ljl at dayeaters    10/19/17  (14)
*clutches tranny centerfold*    10/19/17  (4)
Fucking LOL at wework being a "billion dollar" company; total kike fraud    10/19/17  (10)
List your five favorite albums ITT    10/19/17  (99)
lol why do tolls cost so fucking much    10/19/17  (1)
Modern capitalism: "community" "sharing" "experiences" LJL    10/19/17  (1)
Gf wants to know why I keep singing about being fucked in the butt    10/19/17  (2)
The Charge of the Light-Skinned Spade, by Alfred, Vicelord Tennyson    10/19/17  (5)
Eazy-E's problematic violent transphobic verse in "Nobody Move"    10/19/17  (4)
it's lol that bald hideously ugly DVP keeps picking on ragnus    10/19/17  (3)
"That's the slang word, 'drain the swamp'. It means sucking my ass."    10/19/17  (4)
John Kelly DESTROYING press live on TV right now    10/19/17  (4)
Chink on Chink crime: DVP/DTP Drive By poasting    10/19/17  (6)
transported 2 world of persian warriors and kings when zarathustra tp blank bu    10/19/17  (1)
Phone autocorrects "askav" to "a Slav" ... wtf!!!    10/19/17  (3)
21 loads on lawman8s while he complains only one person answered his CL ad    10/19/17  (1)
Reparations idea: one-way airfare Africa + 30k upon departure from USA    10/19/17  (45)
A lady with features cherubic    10/19/17  (1)
What's the divorce rate among biglaw partners?    10/19/17  (4)
@realDonaldTrump "Tried capitolism..didn't work!! America in toilet."    10/19/17  (1)
Tranny gf stays soft so you don't get embarassed    10/19/17  (5)
Stomach Pain For 4 Days. Doc Said I Have Stomach Inflamation    10/19/17  (9)
Stitches gracing South Park tonight    10/19/17  (2)
Estate tax should be 90% on anything over 5 million. 99% on over 10 mil.    10/19/17  (1)
cheerful chubby girl said "you need someone to take care of you", why?    10/19/17  (3)
petition for CharlesXII to sack up and run MPM this year    10/19/17  (30)
Rate this Norwegian shrew in knee high socks (pic)    10/19/17  (10)
"Rogue school bus" clears 32 motorcycles at X games    10/19/17  (8)
blood and honor    10/19/17  (1)
check out this bride and bridesmaids doing the mooning thing    10/19/17  (4)
RATE this sign from Whole Foods (link)    10/19/17  (37)
Welp friends, I'm cancelling my 401k contribution and going all in on Ethereum    10/19/17  (45)
PDDJ Went To Diwali Party At Co-Workers' Apt, Brought Home Dal Curry For Me    10/19/17  (14)
DBG can you vocaroo some DVP threads    10/19/17  (7)
Lmao at just letting one guy hold onto 100 billion dollars    10/19/17  (2)
Time Magazine article on "cyberpunk" from February 1993:    10/19/17  (9)
Rate this Socialite Jewess.    10/19/17  (13)
Trump just said nobodys ever heard of a Category 5 hitting Land    10/19/17  (4)

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