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Russia still pussyfooting around Syria. US just turned Raqqa to dust.    10/23/17  (1)
Yo colt: when we goin' drinking in Houston?!    10/23/17  (2)
ive been wallowing in my own chaotic & insecure delusions    10/23/17  (40)
WaPo: Should Secret Service Protection Expire After 30 Years?    10/23/17  (9)
some cereal brand mascots were nice/supportive; some were mischevious/loony    10/23/17  (14)
I have a DATE with this Nurse tonight    10/23/17  (6)
Lmao, Russians are CRYING about Raqqa. (link)    10/23/17  (3)
Mueller Investigating Podesta Group In Connection With Russia Probe    10/23/17  (5)
breaking: hilary choosing kevin the minion as 2020 running partner    10/23/17  (1)
lifehack: marry a pretty girl who wears glasses    10/23/17  (2)
Slate: Finding Beauty in America's "Great White Death"    10/23/17  (2)
lmao who modded this semi-toxic thread?    10/23/17  (15)
Wilbur Mercer? More like Wilbur Melvin lol    10/23/17  (10)
Why do so many sudanimals scurry away? Istanbul Street cat, drake mallard    10/23/17  (4)
Trump's draft number was 356    10/23/17  (6)
Documentary of the mindset of alt right Trumptards    10/23/17  (6)
GTTTR putting on her favorite bulky Minions sweatshirt for another day online    10/23/17  (12)
MPA is xo's Puerto Rican Rattlesnake    10/23/17  (9)
Proles fucking LOVE Despicable Me minions shit    10/23/17  (70)
Previously undisclosed Bill O'Reilly settlement: $32 mil for 1 shrew. WTF?    10/23/17  (53)
Are Reptile how you like that work we put in on Raqqa? Oh, you ain't feelin it?    10/23/17  (1)
A certain "chill" kind of apocalyptic vision overlaying your waking reality    10/23/17  (9)
Protip: search youporn for "reluctant tax attorney australia big butt"    10/23/17  (10)
New Yorker: President Carter and the Case for Forced Exile    10/23/17  (4)
*All the little vietnamese kids McCain napalmed, lining up in hell for parade    10/23/17  (21)
NYT reporters who pwned OReilly said the porn he sent was GAY MALE PR0N    10/23/17  (1)
Yuval Noah Harari explains why it's not necessarily GC    10/23/17  (3)
Prole tell: not being an owner of the means of production    10/23/17  (9)
would xo like the deuce more if it had dragons in it?    10/23/17  (1)
If you're NOT taking antipsychotics your psych prescribed ur literally insane    10/23/17  (4)
Here is my rating of the top 5 IFNB gyms in the US South    10/23/17  (58)
IFNB noob question. Are pounders/big rods franchise like Throb or single gyms?    10/23/17  (3)
McCain rips coward Trump for bone spur deferment    10/23/17  (17)
"I can't, my bone spurs." Trump wheezed as he signed DAT | DRAFT | DEFERMENT    10/23/17  (12)
Thesis as to why blacks are so irrational    10/23/17  (4)
Bill O'Reilly should run for POTUS    10/23/17  (2)
Libs are coming after cotton picking    10/23/17  (2)
Do American Blacks realize that the English ended slavery?    10/23/17  (7)
NEW MEMBERS SOUND OFF HERE!    10/23/17  (41)
Another SPS Curb Your Enthusiasm episode    10/23/17  (45)
Sumo is 180    10/23/17  (1)
absolutely amazing how the majority of humanity have no self-awareness at all    10/23/17  (10)
rewatched Heat - does NOT hold up well    10/23/17  (35)
Man Poses Important Question For Anti-Abortion Campaigners    10/23/17  (23)
parents used to name girls after virtues (Prudence, Chastity); now, its brands    10/23/17  (7)
"I'm not even gay. That's what's so crazy about this," mewled Wilbur    10/23/17  (2)
Kinda weird how Belgians don't speak each other's languages    10/23/17  (3)
Weinstein candidly recounts exploits with "Filthy Jimmy" Carter (New Yorker)    10/23/17  (5)
Jimmy Carter: Russian hacking is fake news, media are unhinged Trump haters    10/23/17  (52)
There are intelligent, attractive women living simple lives of quiet dignity    10/23/17  (17)
Trump: 401k's are just a tax haven for the rich. Middle class hurting. Bad deal!    10/23/17  (5)
Do reptile gun nuts defend Remingtons actions re self-firing gun recall?    10/23/17  (17)
The Deuce sucked last night    10/23/17  (1)
Im being much more emphatic when I post. Because of Trump!    10/23/17  (1)
The best blowjobs are actually balljobs. Fact.    10/23/17  (4)
JCM: hehe, remember me today during your shit GC laboring    10/23/17  (7)
My pronouns are Thy and Thine    10/23/17  (2)
"Hi I'm freddie, my pronouns are diap/diaper/diaperself" "oh"    10/23/17  (8)
fast food sauce "satchets" packets lets bash these TTTs    10/23/17  (11)
Going to meet black gf's family    10/23/17  (17)
The Four Poaats campaign is one of the most hilarious things in history    10/23/17  (1)
Compare & contrast the flags of the counties of Liberia vs. Japanese prefectures    10/23/17  (8)
The "Four Pests" Campaign is one of the most hilarious things in history    10/23/17  (11)
JFC, how much longer is the Mueller investigation going to take? Is he being    10/23/17  (2)
Agentic behavior existed long before ascriptions of "intent" or "motive"    10/23/17  (3)
Future wife figured out my moniker    10/23/17  (1)
Alts are like low level stable members who jump in when the ref counts to 2    10/23/17  (20)
Burma is 180 right now    10/23/17  (3)
What is xo's obsession with "local community"    10/23/17  (54)
happy monday! have a non-terrible start to your work week! <3    10/23/17  (14)
Libs cant even use the method that would delegitimize Richard Spencer    10/23/17  (20)
"we're going to lunch, wanna come?" "nah" *pulls avocado toast out of diaper*    10/23/17  (31)
Do libs know that the English were the first to end slavery?    10/23/17  (1)
joggers who aggressively yell good morning as they dart past you    10/23/17  (4)
Francis Scott Key evading fire, penning the Star Spangled Diaper    10/23/17  (4)
Your first time at a girl's house, most alpha thing to do is blow up her toilet    10/23/17  (7)
When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a diaper.    10/23/17  (5)
I will fear no evil: for thou art with my; thy rod and thy diaper comfort me    10/23/17  (2)
*jerks off to something your dick won't even stand up for*    10/23/17  (1)
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy diaper comfort me    10/23/17  (2)
LJL at xo Aung vs (((Fake News)))    10/23/17  (8)
YOU ARE OLD: Alicia Silverstone looks like a grandmother    10/23/17  (19)
*diaper emerges from the Sea of Galilee* "This is my diaper, in whom I'm well pl    10/23/17  (10)
Trump in WAR DIAPER pressing buttons on Speak and Spell as missiles fly    10/23/17  (31)
So you think you know something about diapers?    10/23/17  (5)
George Washingtons soiled HEMP WAR DIAPER in glass display at National Archive    10/23/17  (5)
American police = joke. Should have been able to save Chinese grad student (DTP)    10/23/17  (63)
The Diaper Wars    10/23/17  (8)
Julian Casablancas is 55 now? Holy shit we're old    10/23/17  (2)
Bubba Sparxxx - Bangin'.mp3    10/23/17  (7)
Terminator 1 is so superior to 2 it's ridiculous    10/23/17  (39)
if ur not wearing at least 3 diapers/day this time of year ur insane    10/23/17  (7)
sporttts | adult diapers | house of "horror" | rbi | makin it    10/23/17  (12)
would love to force a diaper against an xo poa face until the arms stop flapping    10/23/17  (3)
rach please sticky a bowl of milk until istanbul street cat cums back    10/23/17  (69)
What are the credited non-American sports?    10/23/17  (24)
*gets a certain feeling* *lets penis into anal glands raw*    10/23/17  (1)
diapered tuna hungrily staring at your golden retriever    10/23/17  (30)
luis: "What does that mean?" freddie in a diaper: "Rise."    10/23/17  (10)
what is xo? oh yeah, something about diapers...    10/23/17  (2)
You gonna let GC fuck your ass today? Who ya kidding, of coursr you are. LjL    10/23/17  (2)
Alpha Israel Sold 10's of $M's Of Weapons To Burma To Genocide The Muslims    10/23/17  (22)
*opens diaper at desk* *squeezes Purell all over it*    10/23/17  (13)
American women: vacillating btwn ANOREXIA/BULIMIA & full-hog 300lb obesity (DTP)    10/23/17  (12)
freddie tp shirtless w diaper on his head, ululating loudly    10/23/17  (5)
What are the top 3 countries to visit in Europe?    10/23/17  (113)
Why don't the Rohingya just go to Bangladesh - it's right there.    10/23/17  (9)
Rate this 19yo girl get beaten to death    10/23/17  (10)
http://decisionproblem.com    10/23/17  (13)
I'm Bam Margera and this is "leveraged finance". *Jackass theme plays *    10/23/17  (5)
Pretty sure I found a Mr. Jinx post on this site from 2011:    10/23/17  (18)
UMC wagecucks are deluded if they think they are any better than proles    10/23/17  (94)
"So what are your hobbies?" *9 sec pause* *ur head floats into sky like balloon*    10/23/17  (6)
Chobani... all thru ur body. Chron's like a 12 inch shotty.    10/23/17  (7)
Have only been watching commercials today.Do we live in a majority black country    10/23/17  (39)
lol at twins' catty butthurt whining re: xo liking coldplay fan more than him    10/23/17  (89)
LJL at wagecucks and boss-havers. Just LJL.    10/23/17  (49)
At the end of the day, you're still a wagecuck    10/23/17  (7)
this is how i picture twins    10/23/17  (8)
Most overrated city in Europe. Has to be Venice right?    10/23/17  (80)
the insane RSF brother spammer is UVT    10/23/17  (51)
Buddy makes $300k a year reselling Chinese refrigerator water filters on Amazon    10/23/17  (25)
I only wear thongs. Easy access to my ass. Bet you never thought of that    10/23/17  (7)
Trump is total personification of USEFUL IDIOT when it comes to middle east    10/23/17  (4)
I enjoy Trump's presidency because I really understand american society/politics    10/23/17  (55)
WOKE as FUCK- Ready for another day as a WAGECUCK    10/23/17  (18)
I watched Richard Pryor's 1979 standup film. It wasn't as dated as I thought.    10/23/17  (2)
Sumo Wrestling in 4k is 180    10/23/17  (1)
Can't believe how badly this country got ruined holy shit    10/23/17  (4)
Worldstar!    10/23/17  (6)
joe dirte is the Garrison Keillor of Alaskan MILF chronicles    10/23/17  (10)
why dont we ban honiara?    10/23/17  (14)
I'd rather be hood rich until 60 than save a goddamn nickel for retirement    10/23/17  (13)
POLL: would you ever marry a Latina?    10/23/17  (20)
Did your underwear preference change over time?    10/23/17  (17)
Ignoring my hot, high IQ gf's sexual advances to respond to twins's texts    10/23/17  (20)
Me and Dux, 100% straight, having tantric sex on the roof of K Mart    10/23/17  (22)
bps diapers his pet pigeon    10/23/17  (1)
jesus fucking christ LIBS. Fox to reboot Home Improvement with lesbian parents    10/23/17  (4)
DTP aunt went to the grocery store i'm bout to BUTTFUCK rape my toddler cousin    10/23/17  (4)
In 1984, Garrison Keillor/Prairie Home Companion did a show for Bach turning 300    10/23/17  (4)
Video of Stitches shooting guns with guy so fat he stores gun under his stomach    10/23/17  (7)
I just watch rick and morty for the first time and its good show    10/23/17  (2)
"Holy fuck what happened here?" proctologist gazing into watchmens ass    10/23/17  (1)
Whok u watching the Murata vs N'Dam rematch tomorrow?    10/23/17  (66)
Pimp C - "I'm Free".Dead pimp C rapping over dead tom pettys free fallin =(    10/23/17  (1)
Brother in law's younger friend does GOLD DIGGER PRANKS on youtube    10/23/17  (2)
Jim_kelly, did u get laid last night?    10/23/17  (4)

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